Chapel of Sand

Chapel of Sand or chapel of Sand of Udrigil, is an almost forgotten but somehow mystic place in Torridon, tucked away between a caravan park, a river, and the sea, close to the village of Laide.

In the 18th century the chapel was still in use, then worship came to an end at the chapel of Sand. It deteriorated ever since and now long, strong metal braces are needed to hold the crumbling stone walls together.

Who built the chapel is a matter of debate. Local lore insists Saint Columba founded one of his churches on this very spot, wich would date the chapel’s history if not the actual building back to the 6th century. The ruin is medieval and repairs were undertaken by George Mackenzie of Gruinard before the first Jacobite rising, probably around 1713. The Mackenzies supported the Jacobite cause.

The graveyard though is still in use, the sea and the ruined chapel give it a rather romantic appeal, especially on a dark and dreary day.

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Rather sad is the small burial enclosure with a single gravestone. It comemorates William J. Tattersall, seven-year-old son of the factor of Laid who drowned. The gravestone does not look out towards the sea but is set as far away as possible within the graveyard from the deadly water of February 26, 1866

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