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Graveyards have always held a huge attraction for me.

Not a morbid one.

They seem to give me perspective. They have a soul.

Cille Choirill, Roy Bridge, Highlands
Cille Choirill, Roy Bridge, Highlands

Graveyard photography fascinates me and turned quickly into a new passion in my solitary rambles.

Quite a change compared to my bustling “normal” life as a TV journalist.

author in action
author in action

I am always out to explore the graveyards. I check  maps and guide books, keep my eyes open and my camera ready, wherever I go. I gather stories, take pictures, ponder about the beauty of life and death. There seems to be no end to the echoes of the past my research comes up with.

Graveyards are my way of experiencing the richness of Scottish history, connecting me to the region where I have the pleasure to live, with the past and its people. Graveyards tell beautiful, frightening and passionate stories of a nation, everywhere on the world.

I believe in the old baroque dualism: carpe diem and memento mori. You can only seize the day if you are aware of the fact that it might be your last.

I go out and enjoy!


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    1. Oh, I thank you for such positive feedback. That is a real treat after a long day in meetings and even longer drives on busy motorways. Now I will settle down with a coffee and enjoy your Berkshire tales.

  1. I am writing a book on a WW1 veteran called Frank Prewett and dearly need a photograph of his gravestone at Tomnahurich Cemetary. Might you be interested in helping? He died on 16 Feb. 1962 and the stone reads “Frank Prewett: Canadian Poet”. Do please let me know. Joy Porter

  2. I am in Edinburgh now on a research trip – apologies for not getting back to you sooner I’ve been away from my desk. The photography you did superb and I cannot thank you enough. Please send me your credit line and address for an eventual copy of the Prewett book.

    Thank you again,

    Professor Joy Porter

  3. Hi! My name is Beatrice and I’m from Italy. Since my first travel there, I fell in love with Scotland landscapes, story and traditions. I really like graveyards and ancient chaepl and churches, where seems that time has stopped and you can fell a magical, deep and mysterious atmosphere. Thank you for all the informations you give in your blog and for the beautigul pictures. I used one of them for an article on my blog (citing the source, of course!).

  4. Dear Peter, I most certainly will visit Old Kilmadock at some point in the future, I am not in Scotlnad just now. Thanks for pointing it out . My appreciation for the work you are doing there.

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