Funny Scottish Epitaph: the auntie from Crail, Fife

Here lies my good and gracious Auntie, Wham Death has packed in his portmanty, Threescore and ten years did God gift her, And here she lies, wha de'il daurs lift her? Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers, Edinburgh, 1990

the vanished well

Aberdour was a place of worship for centuries, here the pilgrims would come in large numbers but not to see a shrine or the church itself, they came to see the holy well that is no more. It once existed behind this wall in what is now a private garden but has long since been... Continue Reading →

Torryburn, Fife

In this churchyard lies Eppie Coutts, Either here, or hereabouts: But where it is, none can tell Till Eppie rise and tell hersel'. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers; Edinburgh, 1990

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