in Durness churchyard, Sutherland

Here doth lye the bodie Of John Flye, who did die By a stroke from a sky-rocket, which hit him in the eye-socket. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers; Edinburgh, 1990


The secret vault of the Sutherlands

Elizabeth Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland, is certainly one of the most notorious and controversial figures of Scottish history. She was incredibly rich, owned most of the county of Sutherland although she was rarely present. She was born in Edinburgh in 1765 and was buried in Dornoch Cathedral in 1839. So was her husband, who died... Continue Reading →

where the salmon leaps

The River Cassley is one of Sutherland's many, where in autumn Atlantic salmon will follow its primordial urge to return upstream to its birthplace, jumping from rock pool to rock pool, never giving up in its potentially deadly determination to give life. New life. Life! The powerful fish will pass a graveyard on its journey... Continue Reading →

beware of the wolves

Out of the darkness they come, hungry and greedy, on silent paws, green eyes staring cold circling their prey, a dangerous, ravenous beasts, a killer. Feeding on carrion, too. Sheep, seagulls, deer. Sharp fangs tearing rotting flesh and a howl at night, out in the wild. The wolf in Scotland threatened life and livestock alike.... Continue Reading →

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