the Laird’s lively loins

Kilmarie has traditionally been a Mackinnon stronghold, and there are still many Mackinnons buried in the old graveyard behind Kilmarie House on the Strathaird estate, now managed by the John Muir Trust. It lies between Loch Slapin and Loch Scavaig on the Isle of Skye and as so many of these old burial sites it is home to many strange and beautiful tales. Here’s one.

During the uprising of 1745 Mackinnon sided with Bonnie Prince Charlie and helped the Prince with his escape during his long and arduous flight from Hanovarian troops after Culloden. For this Mackinnon went to jail in England and was later liberated from Southwark prison in July 1747.

The Chief returned to Kilmarie (Kilmaree) and fathered two sons and a daughter which is per se not a very impressive fact. Considering  he was already 71 years old at the time, it rather is impressive. This late fatherhood either makes him extraordinarily prolific or his wife silently inventive.

There certainly was a need for an heir and Mackinnon got two.

How? Somehow!

The younger son Lachlan died in Jamaica, the older Charles became the new chief after his father’s death and sold Strathaird estate around Kilmarie in 1786.


source and further reading:
Alexander Cameron: The History and Traditions of the Isle of Skye. Forsythe, Inverness; 1871

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  1. Is there further information about Charles after he sold? I wonder if he went to Mull?

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