ghost of a spinster

Lady Louisa of Traquair was the 15th and last of the Lairds of Traquair. She had remained unmarried for all her long life and when she died at the age of 99 the estate went to the female line of the family, the Maxwell Stuarts.

memorial to Lady Louisa Stuart

Her predecessor, the 14th Laird of Traquair had no head for marriage either. When he died in 1861 the Earls of Traquair were no more.

Through the centuries the Earls of Traquair supported the Jacobite cause. This is not surprising considering their name, Charles Edward Stuart stayed in Traquair House for some time. So did Mary Queen of Scots later but that is a claim very few Scottish castle can not make, she stayed in so many.

Lady Louisa of Traquair not only had a long life, she was also very devout. She was a Catholic. The family is buried in the aisle of Traquair Parish church.

A memorial remembers the last of her line.

Her ghost though allegedly is still very active around the estate. She was seen by a farmer who could later identify one of her dresses when shown in a book. The story seems a bit weak, a 99 year old devout spinster and last of her line clinging on to life after death? And a Scottish farmer identifying dress patterns?

The castle offers a guided ghost tour through her former home for those who care to believe.

The graveyard is free of charge and leaves room for thought if not doubt.

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