Fatal Encounter in the Black Forest

Graveyards of Germany

Kellersbild – where a mysterious woman took Knight Keller’s life in the woods.

It feels peaceful when you are out and about in the forest around Baden-Baden. What could possibly happen here?

Black Forest around Baden-Baden

And yet, there is a place here where horrific things are said to have happened. Right here among those trees…

The Old Castle of Baden-Baden (Altes Schloß)

The story takes place a long time ago. A young knight named Burkhart Keller was in love with a young woman who lived on the other side of the forest, he often went to visit her in the evenings As befits a knight, he had a servant. You don’t want to roam through dark forests alone, not even as a knight, do you?

One night he met a strange woman in the woods who was sparingly dressed and extremely seductive. Keller was delighted with this unexpected encounter…

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