the dead of Corri-nam-Bronag

Patrick Dubh of Craskie, was a Grant from Craskie and named after the farmland he owned and was living on.

One day at the end of the 17th century, a party of Macmillans was  came from the area of Loch Arkaig and spoiled a number of cattle belonging to Patrick Dubh. He, his brothers and a few friends set out to pursue the reivers and they caught up with them at Corri-nam-Bronag, a gorge on a hill between Glen Loyne and Tomdoun in Glengarry.

Grants and Macmillans

They demanded their property back. The request was refused which in those days gave the Grants the moral right to attack the Macmillans. A fight ensued and several men were slain on both sides. Twelve Macmillans were killed and buried in 12 cairns right on the spot at what today is a wind farm.

A few Glenmoriston men were killed, too. Their corpses were taken home, to the traditional burial place Clachan Merchaird and the cattle back to Craskie, where it had been taken from.

sources and further reading:

William Mackay: Urquhart and Glenmoriston. Olden Times in a Highland Parish. Inverness; The Northern Counties Newspaper and Printing and Publishing Company; 1914, p. 220

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