death’s orchard

Inverness graveyard (32)St. Mary’s Chapel  yard in Inverness, an ancient burial ground right in the heart of the Highland’s capital, is but rarely visited, being somehow hidden behind high walls.

Chapel Yard is one of three ancient burial grounds in Inverness and probably dates back as far as 1233.

Inverness graveyard (84) In the early days two churches with the same name existed in Inverness, no remains are left of the St Mary’s that stood on the burial ground.


The ground once belonged to a monastery that was either Franciscan or Dominican. The people of the burgh would hold their assemblies here.


Inverness graveyard (60)Inverness graveyard (58)Some of the graves date back as far as the early 17th century, decipherable are a few 18th century headstones, elaborate and plain side by side, both commemorating lost loved ones, in grandeur as well as in sobriety.

And in the middle of death, there are blossoms, signs of live everywhere on cold wet stone.

Today it feels weirdly enough more like an orchard than a cemetery, a number of cherry trees flourish among the quiet graves, the red berries like droplets of blood amongst the dark stones of the dead; echoes and smells of the city waft through the lush foliage above the graves.

As if death had planted an orchard.

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  1. It looks like an interesting place to visit. I’m guessing from the look of some of the photographs that it may have been raining shortly before they were taken. I imagine that must be pretty rare in Inverness.

    1. Ha ha. It NEVER rains in the Highlands 🙂 The rain was pouring down while I took the shots, I hopped from tree to tree, American maple is best for wet churchyard photography I find 🙂

  2. I visited an historical village 118 kms north of Sydney at the weeken and Visited a graveyard containing the remains of early settlers, sorry but one of my first thoughts were of you, your blog and your great photos:) You might like to check out my post.

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