from dusk till dawn

Cill Chriosd, Broadford, Isle of SkyeFor me, churchyards have an unfathomable attraction at any time. In fact, the attraction intensifies with the passing of time and it changes with time: time of the year or time of the day.

Graveyards are essentially about time – time lost and time eternal.

Broadford (8)The beautiful and cold stillness of winter is thought inspiring. The first budding of spring stirs hope and a mellow happiness, autumn seems to make sadness and melancholy bearable and summer’s glory can just overwhelm you, wherever you are but especially in Scotland.

Broadford (38)Early mornings are especially beautiful, you set off in darkness and start shooting your first pictures as the light slowly touches the horizon. Nobody there but you and the beauty of another day awakening.


Broadford (3)The same blue hour and mellow mood when night sets in and the last rays of sun linger for just a few more minutes before the day comes to an end. This special time of day is magic. The pictures of Cill Chriosd near Broadford on the Isle of Skye were taken on a cold and windy winter morning.

Glenelg graveyard (3)Glenelg graveyard (13)Dusk seems the most adequate time of day to take in the atmosphere. The graveyard of Glenelg faces Skye and the Sound of Sleat and the blue seems to come directly from the sea, with faint smells of a summer’s day. Like a memory of loved things gone.

When else to see a graveyard than just then, when twilight ends and darkness begins.

Broadford (48)

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