abandoned graves – Kildonan, Little Loch Broom

There is no trace of Kildonan on Google Maps to be found. If you know where to look (57.865564,-5.235921), you can see the outlines of what used to be houses and barns. Kildonan is gone because the people of Kildonan had to go.

lost homes
lost homes

How hard and frugal their lives must have been. Cold and desolate at times. Mackenzie of Ardross owned the land and evicted the people of Kildonan in 1840. They were left destitute with no place to go,  no provision of food or shelter, no prospects, no future. Many died.

The dead were left behind in the graveyard. But nature has taken over, traces of old tombstones are not to be found. The bay is quiet now. Cold winds blow over the land of the Kildonan families. Their graves are lost as bracken and heather cover the last signs of what was once a living Highland community.


Two hours of stumbling across the remains of Kildonan have not been enough to find the old graveyard. Anyone who can point it out more clearly, please get in touch!

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  1. Had a visit to the same place in June 2014. We did find the burial site at Keppoch beside the old school which is further up the loch. I did hear that the archeology investigators came looking for an even older burial site at Kildonnan and that site was pointed out to us but we didn’t go down to it.

    1. Thanks for the input Joan, I knew abou the archeologists’ investigation and I had a rough idea where the burial site was supposed to be and still could not find it, too much bracken everywhere. But I missed the one in Keppoch so that goes right on the list of graveyards to seee.

      1. Did you find the Coul Burial Grounds in Contin? I have a photo of the Kildonan burial grounds; it was pointed out by a local. Also I found the Dundonnell Burial Grounds close to Keppoch. Interesting find…I wonder if there will be any future burials there.

      2. So far Contin is only on the list, Joan. Unfortunately I only live “part time” in Scotland ” so it needs to wait until I come back. Would you like to share your photo of Kildonan? I would love to put it up, as your input of course.

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