where the salmon leaps

Achness Falls, Sutherland

The River Cassley is one of Sutherland’s many, where in autumn Atlantic salmon will follow its primordial urge to return upstream to its birthplace, jumping from rock pool to rock pool, never giving up in its potentially deadly determination to give life. New life.


The powerful fish will pass a graveyard on its journey up the River Cassley, a bend in the water where farm fields and woodlands meet.

A stone wall meanders above the river, separates life from death.

The salmon is on its way to fulfil the circle of life when it passes the old cemetery, a true beauty spot, well secluded, no sign leads to the picturesque graveyard. Life and death are close here.

Achness or Cassley Falls as they are also known, are a challenging obstacle for any salmon.

The old cemetery knows no challenges, obstacles or urges, its stillness a quick breath of air before the salmon’s never ending struggle upstream continues.

Eternal stillness and end. Peaceful nevertheless.

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