Roman end and new beginnings

The Romans had occupied parts of Perthshire about 2000 years ago. They came further north than expected in 200 AD. Their number was legion, Caracalla led a force of about 30.000 men and camped near Braco at Black Hill, one of the steepest hills in the Sidlaw range. They built 7 camps, a vast area... Continue Reading →

a sensible man

From Newtyle Churchyard, Ruthven, Perthshire Here lies the body of Robert Small, Who, when in life, was thick not tall; But what of greater consequence He was endowed with good sense. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers; Edinburgh, 1990    

love, hate and destruction

The Wolf of Badenoch and the destruction of Elgin Cathedral History tells us many things - battles fought, lands lost or gained, it mentions titles, deeds and marriage contracts but very rarely does it tell us anything about the humans affected by those facts. When it comes to women the information gets even scarcer. Their... Continue Reading →

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