graves of a lost generation

The HMY Iolaire disasterHow can tragedy be grasped and described in all its horror? It is war and that affects people in all areas of their lives. The men are away fighting, none are left on the island of Lewis but the old and the young. Women struggle, they wait and they fear. Then it's... Continue Reading →

grave loss

Strontian, Ardnamurchan, the Parish church built in the 1820s by Thomas Telford, one of 32 churches built in thinly populated areas, but there is more to be found on this graveyard. The gravestone of Roderick and Mary Gordon and their sons Adam and James sits here, quietly telling a sad story. The Gordon family lived... Continue Reading →

30 shades of red

Red is a rare colour in graveyards. The shade of life, blood, pain and hate. Graveyards have none of that. They are grey or black, they are death and decay. Grave. And still, there are spots of red if one cares to look closely. Light feathery red, deep heavy red, alarmingly radiant red. Red is... Continue Reading →

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