the failed resurrection of Mother Buchan

Fordyce is beautiful. If you had to paint an idyllic Scottish village, it would look exactly like that: stone houses, winding streets and well-kept gardens. There is nothing here that disturbs the idyll, not even a pub. There used to be a boisterous annual market, but not anymore. A small castle on the corner of... Continue Reading →

Funny Scottish Epitaphs: John Sullen

Here lies John Sullen, and it is God's will He that was sullen, should be sullen still; He is sullen, if truth ye seek; Knock until Doomsday, Sullen will not speak. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers, Edinburgh, 1990

health and safety

A graveyard is a place of peace, of mourning, and of thought. There are many things to think about on a graveyard: death, life, time; you think of loved ones and of others, of happy moments and of sad ones. But one thing you hardly ever think about is health and safety. Why should you?... Continue Reading →

for our freedom and yours

Five years into the Second World War, Poland succumbed to the German forces. Young Polish soldiers joined the Allied Forces wherever they could. Nearly 40.000 came to Scotland, an army in exile, willing to fight. In July of 1940, Scottish people did everything to make the Polish soldiers feel welcome, not only by cheering them... Continue Reading →

John Knox monument, Glasgow Necropolis Set in stern stone against a bleak winter sky seems a most appropriate form of existence for a man like John Knox. If one is willing to attribute an existence to a monument. His monumental influence on religion is Scotland is widely known. As well as his fear and abhorence... Continue Reading →

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