Jacobite weapons and a vanished island

Dunlichity is a Parish church. There was an older building dating back to the 16th century but the faithful have worshipped here for much longer. The close-by loch and its fishing right belonged to the church. It is called Loch a’Chlachain, the lake of the church. Very still with a very remote feel to it,... Continue Reading →

rock by the sea

St Monans is probably the church in Scotland which is closest to the sea. So ist the  surrounding graveyard. A dramatic setting for a church built in 14th century. Dramatic is a term often encountered here. The church, named after Saint Monan, an Irish monk who had come here in 9th century and was slain... Continue Reading →

where the salmon leaps

The River Cassley is one of Sutherland's many, where in autumn Atlantic salmon will follow its primordial urge to return upstream to its birthplace, jumping from rock pool to rock pool, never giving up in its potentially deadly determination to give life. New life. Life! The powerful fish will pass a graveyard on its journey... Continue Reading →

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