preserving paradise

Lyne Kirkyard

The graveyards of the Borders are well documented and in Lyne special effort for conservation have been made. The old gravestone with the beautiful Adam and Eve carving was cleaned and treated against moss and lichen and put under perspex for protection. Paradise protected but lost.

Perspex and treatment help preserving the stone but the measure taken have also taken the graves beauty and integrity.

Adam and Eve stones are rarely seen in Scotish graveyards anymore. They are old and have now either deteriorated or been removed to museums. The Lyne stone dates back to the early 18th century, a memorial to Jannet Veitch who died in her teens. She was a farmer’s daughter who lived close to the church.

Lyne church is old. A Catholic chapel once stood here as early as the 12th century. A stone’s throw away on Abbey Knoll ancient cist graves have been discovered next to what was once a Roman fort. These graves were early Christian. The current church is about a thousand years younger and dates back to the 17th century.

Abbey Knoll

sources and further reading:

Peeblesshire Archaeological Society, information leaflet and boards


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