fatal fall

Funny Scottish Epitaphs Step Rock Pool in St. Andrews is a tidal sea bathing pool built before World War I   "In memory of ... who fell off the Step Rock into the arms of Jesus."   Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers, Edinburgh,1990    

the sailors‘ graveyard

North Queensferry has, as the name suggests, been a town with a ferry connecting South Queensferry with North Queensferry or Edinburgh with Dunfermline, St Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife. The estuary of the Forth has always been difficult to travel but from the earliest days many have done so at a time when Dunfermline... Continue Reading →

St Andrews – Scotland, Saint and Saltire

St Andrews – Scotland, Saint and SaltireSt Andrews is the heart of Scotland in many ways. One reason is its name, taken from the patron saint of Scotland who is said to be buried here. “St Andrew has been celebrated in Scotland for over a thousand years, with feasts being held in his honour as far... Continue Reading →

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