Funny Scottish Epitaphs: post mortal football

Inscription on the gravestone of James White, 1685, in Fenwick, Ayrshire This martyr was by Peter Ingles shot,By birth a Tiger rather than a Scot,Who that his monstrous extract might be seen,Cut off my head and kicked it o'er the Green.Thus was the head which was to wear a crownA football made by a profane... Continue Reading →

You have murdered your Prince!

Glenmoriston has seen many tragic events during the course of history but the most memorable is the heroic death of Roderick Mackenzie in 1746. His grave is right at the roadside (A87) not far away from Dalchreichart burial ground on the other side of Caochan a' Cheannaich, the river that was named after Roderick Mackenzie,... Continue Reading →

buckets full of thumbs

This is Kilfinichen or Kilfinichan. Once a medieval church stood here. Now it is a private estate. It was merged with the parish of Kilvickeon, whose church was destroyed during the Reformation. The people that ruled and dominated this area on the island of Mull in the past, were the MacLeans, a very powerful clan... Continue Reading →

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