no graves are left in Kilbride on Skye

Kilbride on the Isle of Skye is now not more than a few scattered houses, sheep and a working quarry in Strath Swordale but it once was a place of worship, magic and ritual. And it was very much a place for women or at least a place where women left their mark. the abess's... Continue Reading →

Fatal Encounter in the Black Forest

Graveyards of Germany

Kellersbild – where a mysterious woman took Knight Keller’s life in the woods.

It feels peaceful when you are out and about in the forest around Baden-Baden. What could possibly happen here?

Black Forest around Baden-Baden

And yet, there is a place here where horrific things are said to have happened. Right here among those trees…

The Old Castle of Baden-Baden (Altes Schloß)

The story takes place a long time ago. A young knight named Burkhart Keller was in love with a young woman who lived on the other side of the forest, he often went to visit her in the evenings As befits a knight, he had a servant. You don’t want to roam through dark forests alone, not even as a knight, do you?

One night he met a strange woman in the woods who was sparingly dressed and extremely seductive. Keller was delighted with this unexpected encounter…

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the only one

Sir Hugh Innes was the only ever existing Scottish baronet of that name, the first and the last, the only one. However, there were three other Baronetcies created for that name, but in Nova Scotia and not in the United Kingdom. The only Scottish one was created on 28 April 1819 and the new Baronet... Continue Reading →

childhood memories

Lady Norah Fairfax-Lucy was the youngest of a family of eight living at Calgary, born in 1895. She was a Mackenzie of Mornish by birth, her father an elder of the established Church of Scotland. Sundays on Mull Both parents observed the Sunday "with great reverence" and as austere as these Sundays now seem, Lady... Continue Reading →

the dead of Corri-nam-Bronag

Patrick Dubh of Craskie, was a Grant from Craskie and named after the farmland he owned and was living on. One day at the end of the 17th century, a party of Macmillans was  came from the area of Loch Arkaig and spoiled a number of cattle belonging to Patrick Dubh. He, his brothers and... Continue Reading →

graveyard attack

artistic rope loops, balance through two slippery burns, finally to arrive at the mysterious little burial ground of Camster. A small enclosure, an ancient stone wall, blooming fireweed and an old, wobbly wooden door that is barely hanging on its hinges.

unfinished business

Pipers had a very dangeroud job in the past centuries for not only were they playing at weddings and funerals but during skirmishes, battles and wars with nothing to defend themselves but the weapons of those by their side who had time end energy to spare. The pipers' tunes would rally the Clan and their... Continue Reading →

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