Funny Scottish Epitaph: the cattle thief

Beneath this stone lies Peter White For all the ills he got the wight, for steeling sheep, and kye and corn, the like of him was never known. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Chambers, Edinburgh, 1990

Funny Scottish Epitaphs – the laird

Headstone to James Grieve, Laird of Boghead, Tarbolton: Here lies Boghead amang the dead, In hopes to get salvation; But if such as he in Heav'n may be, Then welcome, hail! damnation. Raymond Lamont-Brown: Scottish Epitaphs. Edinburgh, Chambers, 1990

unfinished business

Pipers had a very dangeroud job in the past centuries for not only were they playing at weddings and funerals but during skirmishes, battles and wars with nothing to defend themselves but the weapons of those by their side who had time end energy to spare. The pipers' tunes would rally the Clan and their... Continue Reading →

on an empty grave

Here lies Nothing. The impious Resurrectionist At night dared to invade This quiet spot, and upon it Successful inroads made. And when to relatives the fact Distinctly did appear. The stone was placed to tell the world, There's Nothing resting here.   A headstone placed on a grave where a snatched body should have been.... Continue Reading →

alleged grave

The story of Rob Roy MacGregor is well known in Scotland, it is part of the old lore, history and childhood. A man who had joined the Jacobite Rising at the age of 18 and was badly wounded in the battle of Glen Shiel 1719. He was a fighter and a cattleman, selling rich Lowlanders... Continue Reading →

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